STEERING WHEELS & HAIRPIN BENDS – The races of Edoardo Lualdi Gabardi

STEERING WHEELS & HAIRPIN BENDS – The races of Edoardo Lualdi Gabardi


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Everything went slower in the Italian cities of the 1960s. The scene changed abruptly when uphill racing drivers arrived. They drove sinuous and fascinating beasts like the Ferrari Le Mans, Porsche Carrera 6, Abarth 2000, Alfa 33 and Ford GT40, and raced on the poor roads of the time, crumbling the asphalt and racing through wings of crowds. The one who won the most in Ferraris was Lombard industrialist Edoardo Lualdi Gabardi who, in this book, tells the story of an epic, as Italy emerges from the nightmare of the post-war period and caresses the first years of the economic boom, of well-being within reach, of mass motorisation. Even the cinema celebrates cars with famous films and director Roberto Rossellini comes close to divorcing Ingrid Bergman because he wants to experience the thrill of the Mille Miglia, racing in a Ferrari, of course. Volanti & Tornanti interweaves the tale of those races with that of a society that awaits tomorrow with a smile, watching the Kessler twins, Lelio Luttazzi, Mina and flying with Domenico Modugno on the wings of the blue painted blue. An optimistic and somewhat naive season, where everything seemed possible, even landing on the moon.


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