LMX SIREX – Arthouse Sport Car

LMX SIREX – Arthouse Sport Car


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A very rare car, inexplicably forgotten, that in these pages will be rediscovered through unpublished documents and images, the fruit of more than forty years of research, so as to decipher the dreams, aspirations and ambitions of the men of the time, planners, designers, craftsmen at the highest levels of the era, who with their extraordinary professionalism and creativity, gave life to cars that are also part of that myth that is the Italian car in the world.
Conceived in Milan and built in Turin, the LMX is an Italian granturismo, the child of extraordinary personalities, who gave life to a car characterised by innovative technological solutions, with one eye on the new stylistic suggestions coming from America and the other on Italy, master of style and unquestionable reference point in the world for balance and elegance.
An entrepreneurial affair that began in 1968 with great ambition and characterised by ingenuity and courage but which, like other Italian car manufacturers, was penalised by insufficient economic resources.


R. Montalbano




21×29,7 cm




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