The Devil’s Wheel

The Devil’s Wheel


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This second novel by Nino Balestra is also full of stories, plotwists,
shrouded in the glamour of the Belle Époque. It retraces real facts, mixed with that much fantasy and verisimilitude
fantasy and verisimilitude essential to create a fascinating story, with reconstructions of situations
of situations, environments and facts perfectly consistent. There are fascinating and mysterious women,
turn-of-the-century and early 20th-century cars, love affairs, betrayals and adventures. A unique book for
setting, characters, ways of life, which will take the amazed reader back
one hundred and more years. An exciting and intriguing book. The perfect gift for the friend, fiancee,
wife, who often snorts at her partner’s passion for old cars. A land
that is sure to be a meeting point for both of them. When you have read the last line and closed the
cover, the impression will remain of having actually lived through those moments… and unveiled the mystery!
A novel for everyone, to read and reread and give away at a stroke.


Nino Balestra




15×21 cm


Paperback with flaps



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