Il giovane Giorgetto – Come si diventa il Car Designer del secolo

Il giovane Giorgetto – Come si diventa il Car Designer del secolo


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The story of Giorgetto Giugiaro, the “Car Designer of the Century”, becomes a novel. To the delight of car enthusiasts, but not only. Because the adventure of the “young Giorgetto” has something of the great nineteenth-century tales, the family sagas, the climbs of the boys who came from nowhere, which have always fascinated us.

“Book of the year” award winner – Best in classic 2021

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The events began in Piedmont in the early 1900s, when Italians, by the millions, left their country. Grandfather Giugiaro is also in Paris to make ends meet. When he enters the scene, the future father of the Golf, the Panda, the Delta and three hundred other cars – at least one of which has also entered our house – seems destined to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, painters and decorators. But Giorgetto also accepts his father’s advice, dives into the world of technology. So goodbye mountains and good morning city. The province is a closed box, Turin is not to drink, but to sweat. There is not one school, but two, the teachers are great, but someone will meet them by chance. And then the men and the opportunities of destiny, the climb to the world that already dominates and the one that will dominate: Arese and Corso Marconi, Wolfsburg and Munich, Tokyo and Seoul. Giorgetto’s journey has good traveling companions, who animate the chapters of the book. Nuccio Bertone, Giuseppe Lurani, Rudolf Hruska, Gianni and Umberto Agnelli, Carlo De Benedetti, Vittorio Ghidella, Ferdinand Piëch are just some of the great helmsmen who enter the story in the first person. And then the discovery of the East, a technological and cultural revolution to which no one in Europe was paying attention at the time. Giugiaro’s success story is very modern and ancient, a lesson from which young and old, creatives from every field can draw inspiration.


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