FIAT RITMO – The Revolutionary

FIAT RITMO – The Revolutionary


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A breath of fresh air in technical, stylistic, production methods but also
socio-cultural: the Ritmo is the first contemporary Fiat and the car of records.
It closed the difficult 1970s and paved the way for the triumphs of the 1980s by introducing robots into the factory,
the structural use of plastic, revolutionising living space in the passenger compartment, becoming the
first and only mid-size car to be the best-selling car ahead of the 127 and Panda, dusting off the iconic
Abarth brand, which was also able to achieve significant racing success. Bertone
wanted to make it chic and flirtatious by removing its roof. This book is a tribute to a car, for
for years mistreated and considered ‘an ugly duckling’, which motoring history has a duty to rediscover and make the
to rediscover it and make it the subject of study to bring to light the extraordinary innovative charge
and revolutionary scope of its design.


M. Comoglio, L. Marconetti


224 pages, with photos and images in color and b/w


21×29,7 cm




Italian and English

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