FIAT 500 – L’utilitaria della libertà (Copia)

FIAT 500 – L’utilitaria della libertà (Copia)


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This book is, first of all, a useful guide for all those who intend to get to know and restore the 500.

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This new revised and expanded edition is intended as an indispensable guide to the history and characteristics of the Fiat 500, as well as being a good support for restoration. An attempt has been made to include all the information needed to approach the car in a philologically and historically correct manner. We talk about colours, combinations, suppliers and individual components. All the information is based on official documents, parts catalogues, workshop manuals and Fiat’s own finishing touches, the result of painstaking and lengthy research, done out of pure passion for the 500. In addition to all this there is also an entire chapter dedicated to restoration with some advice on buying the car and how to approach it. This book is therefore intended to be a point of reference for fans of the twin-cylinder engine, almost a “definitive” guide to navigating and approaching this small and iconic car.


Matteo Comoglio – Enrico Bo


Pag. 232 coloured


21×29,7 cm




Italian and English

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