Coppa della Perugina – Giro automobilistico dell’Umbria


Coppa della Perugina – Giro automobilistico dell’Umbria


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In Umbria, and in particular in Perugia, a handful of sports men stimulated by Giovanni Buitoni, the CEO of the Perugina Society, set up, in the years from 1924 to 1927 a race on the Circuit called “Coppa della Perugina “.
The success achieved, even if the period is short, is so important that when the race ceases to exist, for reasons not related to the will of those who organize it, a very strong memory remains alive throughout the city and in the people. So much so that, just after the Second World War, under the pressure of different but equally motivated men, the “Coppa della Perugina” returns, combining with the “Automobile Tour of Umbria” gaining even more approval, even if the route will no longer be that since then but it will affect the whole region. Unfortunately, as in the past, after only three editions from 1952 to 1954, once again not for desired reasons, the success was interrupted, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of sportsmen and people. From that moment on, the Coppa della Perugina is once again a memory that is smoldered under the ashes of passion waiting to come back to life again. This happened in 1984 thanks to the will of the men of the Perugino Auto Moto Club, who brought back to the people, through the re-enactments, the sight of the cars that participated in those events.


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