1948: How the Legend was Drawn

1948: How the Legend was Drawn


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A tale about the genesis of Ferrari 166 MM and Porsche 356 design

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In this work, the author does not want to reconstruct the complex and fascinating histories of the Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta and the Porsche 356 N1 Roadster, on which there is already a vast and detailed literature, but he does want to analyse and understand the genesis of their design, the matrices, the objective and subjective factors at the basis of their form in a comparison between two cars that were born with the same objectives and therefore of the same nature: the sports car and the same type: the two-seater spider. In tackling the subject of the 356 roadster, it was materially and philologically impossible not to involve the coupé version, the 356 model; the icon, together with the later 911, of Porsche production and ‘style’.
Even more interesting was to observe in parallel the development of the other car at the centre of the analysis: the Ferrari 166 MM. In fact, it was above all in the berlinetta sphere that the ‘Italian Style’ was particularly articulated and consolidated in that exemplary journey that was and still is represented by the timeless Italian ‘granturismo’ car.


Massimo Grandi




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